PUBLICONN is social network of organisations and individuals which facilitates establishment of partnerships and access to public funding and various private donor funds. The main goal of the network is to provide user friendly space for connecting public and private sector operators which have same goals, policy agenda or projects globally.


Publiconn enables its users to receive targeted information on funding opportunities, to search for potential partners through search engines, establish instant communication with them, exchange and share documents, publish and share publications, promote their products, events or campaigns, initiate discussions and policy platforms for different causes. Publiconn provides opportunity for all its users to be directly included into different policy consultations initiated on the network.


Publiconn derived as an solution to the problem which its initiators have been facing for years: lack of structured information on available funding for different projects and initiatives, difficulties in establishing and maintaining partnerships with organisations from other countries or continents and lack of space for structured global dialogue on different policy initiatives. Publiconn is designed in order to shift paradigm of fundraising; instead to search for funds available through millions of web sites, users will be tracked down by available funding source and able to choose whether or not to apply. Instead of searching for partners through time consuming web browsing, now they can use sophisticated search engine and find partners which are have adequate profile.

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